It's the little things that count when owning a holiday rental

It's the little things that count when owning a holiday rental

When it comes to holiday rentals, guest experience is everything. While we do our best to manage your property from bookings to cleaning and everything else in between - there are little things you can do as an owner to create lasting impressions, maximise bookings and even the possibility of returning guests! These are our top tips for enhancing guest experience at your property:

Make a lasting first impression - first impressions are so important and they can really make a difference to guest ratings. So what is the key to leaving great first impressions? Having an inviting space for your guests. You don't have to have a huge wow-factor in your rental - simple things like neutral colour schemes, modern styling, organisation and cleanliness all make a huge difference. This is also important for your online listing too, so make sure those photos really capture the essence of your holiday rental.

Personalise the experience - Let your guests know you want them to have an exceptional time during their stay at your property by adding a personal touch. This doesn't need to be hard, it could be as simple as throwing in a bottle of wine, providing breakfast, a hand written note or even creating a guide with your own personal recommendations of the area. Guests really appreciate the extra thought and are more likely to become repeat visitors or spread the word of their amazing stay at your property.

Create a well-thought-out space - The main selling point of holiday rentals is that guests get to experience a home away from home. Why not make that experience even better for your guests by thinking outside of the box? This could be anything from having a well stocked bookshelf, a wine fridge, or bikes and other outdoor recreational supplies available for guests to enjoy.

By creating an experience that is more than just a holiday rental, you'll be bound to increase your bookings and overall earnings. At Winning Holidays we are committed to providing exceptional services to our both our guests and owners. If you are interested in renting out a property please get in touch today - we'd love to assist you!

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