5 Things To Do With Your Family When It’s Raining On Holiday

5 Things To Do With Your Family When It’s Raining On Holiday

You’ve been waiting for this holiday for a while, and it’s finally here!

You were looking forward to relaxing, soaking in some sun, and enjoying some great outdoor activities with your family. Unfortunately, the weather won’t cooperate, and you now need a plan B to entertain everyone while stuck inside until the rain passes.

Well, you’ve landed in the right spot as we have exactly what you need!

In this blog, we’ll share five easy and cheap ways to entertain your kids, spend some quality time together and create amazing memories on a rainy holiday!

Enjoy A Movie Marathon

Being stuck inside on holiday while it’s raining might be frustrating. We get it. Yet, it doesn’t have to be. Why not take this opportunity to dim the lights, snuggle up and enjoy a few Netflix movies with your kids with some popcorn and hot chocolate?

Looking for inspiration?

Some of the best rainy day movies for families include Vivo, the Harry Potter series, My octopus teacher, or The Chronicles of Narnia.

Organise An Indoor Treasure Hunt

Staying indoors doesn’t mean your family can’t get active and do some fun and original activities. Organizing a treasure hunt can be time-consuming, so why not use the time off on holiday to design the perfect indoor treasure hunt for your family?

Here are some steps you’ll need to follow:

  • Pick a ‘’treasure’’ i.e. a treat, a toy, or an object they’ll enjoy winning.
  • Create a map using a piece of white paper and sketch the layout of the home.
  • Plan where to hide the treasure in the home.
  • Draw a picture of each of the clues.
  • Give the clues to your children.
  • Time to get the treasure hunt started!

Here’s a little guide on how to organise a treasure hunt, as well as some ideas for clues.

Bake Your Kids’ Favorite Cakes

Do your kids love sweets? We’ll assume the answer is yes ;)

Why not gather everyone in the kitchen and whip up some fun and easy cakes together?

Cloud meringues, double-dipped shortbread cookies, or watermelon doughnuts, anyone?

Making these treats will be just as fun as eating them, and watching your kids’ eyes light up as they discover their final creations coming out of the oven is just priceless.

If your children are older, you could even organise a friendly baking competition based on their favorite baking show! Shop for marshmallows, cornflakes, chocolate, biscuits, and let them create the cake of their dreams.

Then, time to try the cakes as a family and crown a champion.

Play Some Fun Board Games

What better way to create amazing memories on holiday than playing some fun and competitive board games as a family?

This classic rainy day activity can really help strengthen bonds between family members.

Some of the all-time favourites include Monopoly, Risk, or Pictionary. But while these never get old, there are tons of other options depending on your children’s age and interests. Some of our recommendations include Herd mentality, Spot it, Catan, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, or Rapid Dough.

Do Arts and Crafts

DIY arts and crafts projects are a fantastic way to treat those rainy day blues and have some fun together. There are literally hundreds of rainy day arts and crafts project ideas for families, but here are our two favourites:

-       Make play dough together: did you know that you could create play dough using what’s in the kitchen pantry? That’s right. All you need is some flour, salt, water, and fruit to add a colorful twist. And ta-da! This fun DIY activity will be sure to keep everyone entertained and allow you to create incredible memories together.

-       Marble Painting: get everyone to awaken their inner artist with this fun project. There again, most of what you need (apart from the marbles, paper, and paint) is in your kitchen. Here’s an explanatory video to help you organise this family activity.

And that’s a wrap! We hope this article provided you with some great inspiration to help you beat the rainy day blues on holiday. And if you try some of them next time you’re away, please let us know in the comment section below. We’d love to hear about your experience :) 


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